Cleaning Checklist for Friday, February 2

Tomorrow is Groundhog day.  And it’s going to feel like the movie, because it’s laundry day again. 🙂

Check out this cover from the Australian Home Journal, February 1953 to see what was happening in their world.  I love it.  OHHHH how I wish it was summer here in the USA in February!  I envy you all right now!

Today it’s about 32 degrees here and very dreary.   I’m heading over to make a pot of chili after I post this.   It’s a great day for it.  I’m debating on corn bread.   I’ve recently gone back on my 50sHousewife diet plan after taking a trek into Paleo/Keto for a year (I gained 22 pounds. Heavy fat/protein plans hate me. I’ll stick to what I know best!)  So I am not so sure about the flour right now.  Maybe I’ll hold off on that for today.

Anyway.  Here’s the list.  You need to descale your iron tomorrow.  Here’s a quick “how to”. If you click on it, it will take you to Real Simple’s page with the full post.  (or you can pull it onto your desktop to follow.   You can pull this to do list there too, or just click on it to view.)




  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment. 🙂 I am right there with you about the weather. I am SO ready for spring. Yesterday we got a little taste of it as it reached 72 degrees. But it’s chilly again today. I’ve got a pot of Great Northern beans with leftover diced ham cooking in my Instant Pot. Chili sounds really good and something I haven’t made in ages. I think I need to work up a chili recipe for the Instant Pot.

    Have a beautiful evening!

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