The Housewife’s Creed

Back by popular demand!

The Housewife Creed


I believe

That being an exceptional wife and mother is the most noble and challenging career on the planet.

I believe

That my constant and reliable presence as keeper of my home is the very foundation on which my husband and children grow.

I believe

That there is no greater use of my mind, body, and spirit than to stand as the matriarch of my family, and by making it my life’s work to raise capable, well-adjusted children and to assist my spouse in all ways, I am contributing to a stable society and community.

I believe

That the household skills passed down to me by my ancestors before me are rapidly dying arts, and I dedicate myself to perfecting those arts and to passing those skills to my children and their children.

I believe

That the state of my home directly impacts the health, mood and behaviors of its inhabitants; therefore, I endeavor to keep it neat, cheerful, clean, and free of clutter at all times.

I believe

That no house is a home until everyone living within it feels unconditionally loved, accepted, and valued; therefore, I have made it my mission to instill this certainty in each who I am blessed to call family.

I believe

My humble service to my family is my greatest contribution for my life.


written by: Holly Connors




  1. Thank-you for posting this….I always strive to follow this creed, but we have a bit of a problem with clutter….My DH loves to bring things home from work that is being thrown away in hopes that maybe we can use it……Gotta love a man that thinks about his wife and her needs all the time! (Surprisingly, we have actually used quite a bit of it….LOL)

  2. For someone younger who is an aspiring homemaker this is incredibly motivating and I am actually a little emotional. Thank you so much – I believe in all these things, deep in my heart.
    Thank you for getting this message out there, since in this value-lacking modern world, it gets hard not having any good role models or support for what you do and who you are.

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