How Often Should You Wash it?

Ever wonder how often should you wash it? Blankets? Sheets? Towels? Leather jacket? Jeans? Or anything else?  Our friends over at Love2Laundry in London sent this infographic to share with you.   I think you will find it very helpful. I love it!  We will throw it over on our Cleaning and Organizing page, if you ever need to find it again.





  1. Turn your jeans inside out, mist with a water bottle, dry on low for 10 min or so and they will be refreshed and back down to size and shape. I wash maybe every four or five wears? Obviously if I spill something on them, I’d wash them. If we go out to a restaurant I will usually wash them because they’ll have that restaurant smell lingering in them. No need to iron my jeans, I wear skinny jeans with lots of stretch. My husband wouldn’t want his jeans ironed and “crisp” either. He wears his two or three times before washing. He has separate jeans for working around the house and yard and we wash those each time he wears them.

  2. Great info graph! My mother had a simple reply to the “how often should you” question. Her answer was “before the need becomes obvious”. Applies to most things in life I’ve found.

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