Cleaning Checklist for Wednesday, January 24

Cleaning Checklist for Wednesday, January 24

I’m going to get to your cleaning checklist for Wednesday, January 24 but first I have to tell you about my traumatic experience.  Today began with me having a minor coronary event.  I went to do this post and my website was gone.  Well, access to it was anyway.   It turns out that an automatic update occurred and there was a conflict with some of my programing, and I was about to get a crash course in the ins and outs of HTML and Coding, but I just didn’t know it yet.

This blogging stuff is way more involved that we realize!   So if I ever seem to be mysteriously missing, this is probably what’s happening. I won’t leave you without warning.

In ANY event, it’s temporarily fixed right now. I just don’t have access to “Sharing” buttons, meaning there are none of those little buttons under this post that allow you to share it easily.  And there are no “Suggested Related Posts” below.  And I have to manually go share it on all my other sites.   But I’m here.  And we are intact.  And right now, I’ll take it!  I’m just happy to see this screen in front of me.

So . . . here you go.  Tomorrow’s checklist, and it includes cleaning that oven.  Hopefully you have a self-cleaning oven and this is a simple task.  If not, it’s down and dirty with old-fashioned elbow grease.  Next time this topic comes up I’ll do a post on just how to do that.  In the meantime, check out this link that has both methods included.

Here’s your list.  Click to enlarge or click on the PDF to print!

PDF Version:  Wednesday January 24

Oh! And here’s a link to my friend’s vintage products store on Ebay: (if it works)  Click the picture. She’s got some vintage clothes and handbags and jewelry and things like that.  Check it out!  I’m in love with this little clutch purse.





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