Cleaning Checklist for Wednesday, January 17

Cleaning ChecklistGood day! Here is your cleaning checklist for Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

I know, I know.  I’ve been lollygagging half the day and you’ve been waiting for your list so you can prep for tomorrow– Kitchen day.

It’s been a weird week already.  My sleep/wake times are off because I stayed up to watch the football games Saturday and Sunday.  I’m also off on my shopping routine.  Mr. C stopped at the market for me yesterday so now I haven’t cleaned the refrigerator yet and it’s stuffed full of food. I’m all messed up this week.  Ahhhhh but it’s tough to complain when there IS food to put in the fridge.  Right?  Our problems are so petty when we think about them in comparison to so many who have so much less.   So I’m going to look at that mess in there with deep gratitude that it’s my mess.

And those walls that are covered in splotches and prints, … I’ll be grateful for those too.  That’s part of tomorrow’s tasks.  Wash those kitchen walls, or at the very least do a very thorough spot cleaning.  I typically do my light fixtures the same day that I do the walls.  I didn’t put that on the list as this is the first time through the cycle and I’m trying not to overwhelm you.  You can always get them next week too.

Here you go.  Click on it to enlarge, or print the PDF.  Enjoy!

Cleaning Checklist
PDF:  Wednesday January 17



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