Cleaning Checklist for Tuesday, January 30

Next up! Cleaning Checklist for Tuesday, January 30 — Bathroom focus day.

Is your bathroom neat and organized?  Does it feel very clean all the time?  When I think of kitchens and bathrooms, I like to think of them as being the rooms I keep the cleanest–like a hospital.  They can become overrun with germs, and nobody’s got time for that!

Bathroom cleanliness begins with organization, and organization begins with storage systems.  There are simple ones like these, including space-saving models: (click photos to see the Amazon affiliate link.  Some are on sale for half price!)

Bathroom organizing


The key is to have a place for everything and have everything in its place!  No clutter.  Clutter gathers dust and dust gathers germs.

Get as much off that countertop and off the floor as possible. Surfaces should be easy to wipe clean without having to move a bunch of things to do it.  We all know that if you have to move things, you’ll more often than not just go around them if you are in a hurry.

What can you do to reduce clutter in  your bathroom this week?   Do that.  And also wash every decorative item including the light fixtures.  Dead skin cells make dust and the bathroom is full of that stuff.  Yuck.

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tuesday cleaning checklist



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