Cleaning Checklist for Tuesday, January 23

Cleaning list for Tuesday, January 23

Cleaning list for Tuesday, January 23Hello everybody!  The cleaning checklist for Tuesday, January 23 is attached below.   Please note that these checklists don’t stay posted on this blog indefinitely.  They take up a lot of space and the more photos and PDFs that I upload, the slower the website.  So we take them down after a week or two.  But there’s nothing to worry about!  You aren’t missing anything.  Just start with the day we are on and move forward from there.

Everything cycles.  After a month or two your house will be running better than ever!  Just do a little at a time each day and follow the routines.  We have worked in daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks for you.

If you subscribe to our emailed newsletter, you can actually get these for the week mailed to you the weekend before.  Either way works though!  We post them here daily. 🙂

Click to enlarge. Or click on the pdf version to print!  Have fun!

PDF:  Tuesday, January 23


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