Cleaning Checklist for Tuesday, January 16

Bathroom day again!  I don’t know about you but if my kitchen and bathrooms are clean, the whole house feels better.

As always, we are attacking a different miscellaneous task and this week it’s those drawers.  Completely.  Don’t leave a stray Q-tip in there.  Vacuum out all the little fuzzies and the powder and the spilled make up.  Once that’s done, wipe out every drawer and that space under the sink.  You are going to feel so much better.

Have a bunch of toiletries that you don’t use?  Donate them!  In our area I can donate them to the local Women’s group and they distribute them to elderly, homeless, and destitute people as needed.

Do you have a good storage system for extra stock items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap and the like?  Why not take a ride to the dollar store and create one with inexpensive storage items today?  Get it all nice and neat, once and for all.

Here’s your list.  Click to enlarge or print the PDF version.

PDF version:  Tuesday, January 15




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