Cleaning Checklist for Thursday, January 18

Good afternoon! It’s a snowy day here in Massachusetts. My grandson is outside making a snowman, and I’m inside baking some traditional Portuguese sweet breads.  (I’ll post photos and the recipe tonight or tomorrow.)  The recipe comes from the city of Fall River, Massachusetts–the home of the largest Portuguese population in the United States!

I promise you it’s the best sweet bread you’ve ever tasted.  But baking it can’t be rushed.  It requires a long rising period before punching it down to make smaller loaves, and then a long rising period again.  So I’m patiently waiting and watching it…. I look forward to toasting some with butter in a cast iron fry pan for breakfast tomorrow.

For now, though… it’s back to cleaning the house.  Attached you will find tomorrow’s cleaning checklist for Thursday, January 18.  Nothing complicated in this one.  Just putter along until it’s done.  Click on the photo to enlarge, or on the PDF to print.

PDF Version:  Thursday, January 18



  1. I just got sent a pic of my grandson making a snowman!! Thank you for your post😍 God caused me to reflect on patience (I’m waiting on word of the future for our foster little one and it’s so hard never getting communication). Then your post came, discussing patience- thank you. He is good.

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