Cleaning Checklist for Thursday, February 1

Holy Moly tomorrow is February already.  Good grief the year is flying by and it just began!
Tomorrow is living room day and this week we are going to be cleaning the electronics.   People often ask me what products I use to clean different things.  For electronics I use this:


It works very well.  Doesn’t leave streaks, discourages hand prints, and repels dust.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out:
Endust for Electronics 8oz Anti-Static Screen and Electronics Cleaner

Speaking of links, I was going to buy this book, but before I buy I was wondering if any of you have purchased it and what you thought?  Let me know!  I love a good book.


OK.  Here’s your list:  Enjoy!  Pull it on to your desktop to save and print.  Or just click on it to enlarge and view.  To get these checklists in advance every week, subscribe for our emails here.



  1. Absolutely love that book and really everything written by Sally Clarkson. It is about creating traditions and rhythms within your family and is especially geared toward women with children in the home. Her book Own Your Life is Life changing and for women of all ages and stages.

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