Cleaning Checklist for Saturday January 13

Good morning!  Today is laundry day.  I actually don’t mind laundry day.  I don’t mind laundry at all since I started the system of hanging all of my clothes straight out of the dryer.   Now only small clothing items and towels end up in baskets, and those baskets are a snap to empty.  You’re going to want to get completely caught up on laundry today because come Monday you will be changing sheets and you don’t want a huge backlog with that on top of it.

Tomorrow’s list is attached.  We normally leave Saturday as just the living room, but we’ve added a bit on this week.  Tidy up the mudroom if you have one, or the garage or breezeway.   And, start planning those spring gardens now!  Check your frost dates with the links provided in the list.  Start dreaming and mapping out your space.   It’s almost time to start seedlings!  Much to do! Much to do!

List attached.  Click to enlarge or click on the pdf version to print.  Have a wonderful day!

PDF Version:  Cleaning Checklist for Saturday January 13



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