Cleaning Checklist for Monday, January 29

Your Cleaning Checklist for Monday, January 29 is attached.  Just grab it and pull it onto your computer’s desktop to print (or just click on it to enlarge/view).

It’ll be bedroom day again, and we are going to be looking under those beds.  🙂 Scary for some, I know.  What do you use for under bed storage?

We have a few different kinds of under bed storage items in our house, but I like these best:  (click the photos to open a new tab and see the affiliate link for each on Amazon.)   That clear one is pretty big.  60 quart-size.  It holds a ton of toys or other items.  I like to store my off-season clothes in them.  And we have one under my grandson’s bed with lots of the little toys that he doesn’t play with too often.  Keeps the room much neater than having them all out.  The other–oh my. There’s never enough storage for shoes, is there? 🙂  I keep my dressy shoes that I don’t wear often in my under bed storage bin.   So nice and neat!  And they’re cheap, cheap, cheap.  Worth the investment to have the mental clarity and peace in the bedroom!



That’s it for today. List below.   And if you missed it, be sure to check out the infographic we shared last week explaining how often to clean just about everything.   Which do you agree with?  Which do you question?   We had lots of people absolutely REELING about what they say about washing jeans.

Here’s your list.  Click to enlarge.  You can pull it onto your desktop to save/print.  Enjoy!

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