Cleaning Checklist for Friday, January 26

Good morning (for most of you)!  Here’s your cleaning checklist for Friday, January 26

Tomorrow is laundry room day again.  It’s the day to get caught up if you have fallen behind.  And it’s also the day to do a better than typical mopping in that laundry area.   Soap and softener spills… dirty, greasy clothes, mud, you name it.  It sits in that area and stinks up the place.  Not after today. 🙂

Here’s the list.  If you’d like to get these in advance, for the week ahead, subscribe to our newsletter.  Or just pop back here each day and grab it there.

Click to enlarge, then just pull it onto your desktop!  (If that doesn’t work, let me know.  It should.)

Cleaning Checklist for Friday


  1. Wow, I am so excited to discover your website. One thing I am pondering is if this schedule could be manageable even though I homeschool my kids. Normally our morning is consumed with school but I love your idea of spending the morning dedicated to cleaning. I have never been able to find a cleaning schedule that I could stick with consistently. One of my kiddos has dust mite allergy so it is important for health to be more consistent with cleaning. Thanks for providing this resource.

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