May 5

Our Love to Mexico

There will be no sombrero or margaritas for us tonight.   There will be time spent scrolling through images of our recent trip to Mexico to feed the orphans.   Did I tell you about that?  I still cry almost every day.

In February Mr. C and I had the honor of escorting a delivery of Hope Puffs  to the orphanages of Mexico.   We stayed at former President Vicente Fox and Marta Fox’s hacienda.  It was a beautiful trip.   We saw beautiful sites.  We visited amazing cities.  But more importantly, we met the kids in the orphanages.  We met the kids who go to the Fox Center every day, to learn and to build a better life.  And we had the great privilege of hearing about how our donations are changing Mexico.  How we are making a difference.

You see, the people who live there don’t want a wall.  What they want is a country where there is enough to eat, enough to live on, and enough opportunity to want to stay in Mexico.  They want a place to call home where people don’t try to leave to find a better life.

One of the problems–and I know there are others, so don’t feel the need to correct me–is a cycle that starts in childhood.   Many kids there don’t get enough protein.   Without proper protein, brains don’t work well.   So they can’t focus and learn.  When they don’t focus and learn, they grow up lacking ability to create and pursue opportunity.   Without opportunity they lead a life of poverty.  With poverty comes more children.   Who don’t get enough protein.

When you go there and you see these kids, it’s very hard to look at Cinco de Mayo as a party date ever again.   Instead it’s a call to action date.   For us, it’s a day that now means we need to focus on Hope.  Hope Puffs, a protein-fortified cereal, to be exact.

We work with a company called Evolv.   We help people who have lost hope of ever feeling better do just that.   Joint issues, digestive issues, lung issues, anything inflammation-related… we help.  But more importantly, every time we help someone, we feed kids.   It’s a buy one/give one model that propels us forward every day.

Eradicating childhood malnutrition is our mission.  And it started, for us, in Mexico.  We have since started getting good nutrition to the kids in the poorest areas of the USA and we’ll soon move on and make our way all around the world.    7 Million kids a day will get their nutrition.  That’s the plan.   But today, for us, it’s all about the littles in Mexico.   Here’s some photos from our trip.   Enjoy.

Our Love to Mexico.  xoxoxoxo

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  1. By My Footprint in Time on

    What a beautiful thing you are doing. We took a trip to Mexico last year and saw poverty. When we returned to the states, the billboards and TV advertisements shouting out to us all of the things we “need” and the pettiness that abounds in our society were blatant and crude. We don’t NEED the majority of what we have. We have food; we have clothing;, we have shelter. We are blessed. Thank you for making such a difference.

  2. By Shirley on

    I remember in 1960 when my stepdad married my mother and he and some of his relatives decided they were going to go South of the border for a picnic. I saw him throw coins at the houses and all the little ragged children ran up to pick the coins off the ground. I thought that was such a cruel thing to do as they looked like little puppies running for a crumb.
    It has Always remained a traumatic experience in my memory. They didn’t have any shoes and it looked like they were wearing potatoe Sacks.
    Thats not how I would have done myself all grown up. I would have stopped and knocked on the door and given the parents an envelop with some real money in it. Instead for my stepdad it was just one big joke and I’ve hated him ever since.



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