April 19

I Beat My Kids

Today’s guest post is coming to you from a man’s perspective.  Sean Coen is a father with old-fashioned values.  He lives in RI with his wife and sons.  Here’s Sean’s post on beating his kids:

I beat my kids.  Really.  I do.  Whenever I can.

Every time we play any kind of game.  Be it a board game, card game or a game of H-O-R-S-E.  I try to beat them every time.

There are no participation trophies in our house.  Trophies are for winners who earn it.  The losers get nothing.  Second place? No trophy for you.  Wondering if losing is good for kids, then read “Should You Let Your Kids Fail?”

The lessons are winning and losing, being a good winner and a being a good loser.

Learn from losing by getting past the feelings, and focusing on the lessons learned.  And, then learning to move on and try again.

Losing grows perseverance and determination.

Learn from winning by not gloating over the defeated.  Instead be proud of the achievement and grateful for the skills and ability to have done it.

Winning grows pride and confidence.

Good winners like and admire good losers who learn and comeback to try again.  Losers like winners who give them that chance.  Good winners and good losers improve competition and the skill sets of each other.

Good winners and good losers respect each other.

After you beat your kids, teach your kids.

Three Ways to Be a Good Winner

1.  Be modest.  They may not win them all.  So, don’t give the next winner a reason to gloat over them.

2.  Thank their teammates and others who helped in the win.

3.  Say thank you to compliments.

Three Ways to Be a Good Loser

1.  It’s okay to be upset.  Just don’t let it get the best of you.  Find a way to release that energy in a constructive way.

2.  Focus on the fact that they tried.  And, they can try again.  Ask what they learned and what they would do differently next time.  Focus on improving.

3.  Congratulate the winner.

It’s okay to beat your kids, if you teach your kids too.

–Sean Coen
To read more of Sean’s blogs, check him out at seancoen.blogspot.com




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  1. By Rolene on

    A very good viewpoint and post. The children should learn the value and lessons by losing as well as winning. Thank you for sharing.

  2. By Diana on

    We as a society have made incredible advances towards human rights. But in this late years, this “triggered” stuff and second place trophies, and participation medals… all this things are making our children “delicate”. I agree with Mr. Coen, kids need to know life ain’t easy, and they will have to fight for the first places.

  3. By Julie Turner on

    I think it might be best for parents to let their children win sometimes, to give them encouragement and show them that they getting there. My father never let me win at any board games when i was young, and I ended up hating board games and thinking I was no good at them.

  4. By Nessa on

    In our house, we played UNO as a family all the time, and my little sister (who was in elementary school at the time) was scary good at it. We NEVER let her win, she just always won on her own merits, which I think was much better for her confidence. My dad would legitimately try to beat her and he just couldn’t most of the time!

    1. By Mrs. Price on

      This is my oldest with Battle Ship. I won once last summer. I have lost every single game against this 8 year old. I bake cookies to console myself! LOL


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