April 19

My Gray Hair Transition is Complete!

Recently a reader asked for an update on my gray hair transition.  Well, my gray hair transition is complete! And I LOVE it.   I would not go back to dying ever.  Ever. Ever.  In fact, complete strangers stop me in public to tell me to never dye my hair all the time, and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

It’s been entirely freeing, and to be honest, now when I see a woman who dyes her hair dark and has light roots I feel sorry for the hassle that I know she lives with.   And I feel sorry that she doesn’t know how beautiful she really is naturally.  I want all women to feel that kind of freedom.

Here’s a picture.  My husband hates this photo because he says it’s too close and I look a bit google-eyed, but it’s a good one for showing all the different shades of gray in my  hair.   It’s so pretty in the sunlight!

What about you?  Have you taken the plunge yet?  How do you like it?

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  1. By Cinda Burlando on

    Looks lovely! I’m a hairdresser and often encourage clients to embrace their natural color, but it is so hard for people to resist all the messages they get from society and media. It does seem to help someone look bright and cheerful to use some color on the face (lipstick and/or eyeshadow) and color at the neckline of clothing, like you have done in your photo. Good job!

  2. By Shawn Bellamy LaFavers on

    I stopped coloring my hair August of 2015. Still have some blond on the ends as I like to keep my hair long, but I love it and get compliments all the time on my “highlights”. People are surprised to find out that it’s just my gray, haha.

  3. By Becky on

    When I started going gray , I thought about dying but decided I didn’t want the hassle or expense. I, too, have people tell me they love my hair. One funny note – one day my niece asked me why my hair was gray and her mom’s (my sister) who’s older wasn’t. My response – your mom dyes hers!

  4. By Janet on

    Gorgeous! I began turning gray in my mid 30s (I’m 40 now) Spent so much money and time dying ny locks. Oh dear the hassle! The last few months I’m letting my gray grow out and I am loving it! I love being myself….gray hair and all

  5. By Sandy Geneva on

    I don’t have the time or inclination to dye my hair and I don’t need another drain on my budget. Some months it is all I can do to go get my hair cut!

  6. By Linda Concoby on

    About the time of my 73rd birthday, my (short-ish) hair began to curl. As a baby I had a bit of wave, but not since. At the same time I decided to stop coloring. “I just want to see what it will look like.” AND stop spending the time at the beauty salon. Now I open the current “O” magazine — and your post — and discover I’m part of a trend! “O” magazine refers to Power Hair. What fun. And you look great!

  7. By Amy on

    Your hair is beautiful! I wish more people would let their hair do it’s natural thing. My Grandmother dyed her hair until she was 83. When she let her hair grey it was such a gorgeous color. A few years ago I started getting strands of white hair. I look forward to the day when I have more of it. I think the white looks nice with my red.

  8. By Julie Turner on

    Why is it when men go gray they are called distinguished, but when women goes gray, we are seen as old?

  9. By Teresa on

    I have never had so many compliments on my hair as I have since going grey. Not completely grey but almost.

  10. By My Footprint in Time on

    Very nice, and good for you! I think it’s great when a woman just goes with it. I wear my hair back a lot (have to for work), and my gray frizzes around my face, which looks bad and ages me even more. I hate spending the money so don’t color it very often but do like it better when I do. Julie, it’s all society, isn’t it? : / I don’t think women of some cultures have the pressures that we do with all of the media, etc.


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