April 18

It’s a beautiful day in Massachusetts

Hello Housewives!

My goodness it’s been a while.   I stopped in to check on things and say hello and to give an update on the status of this blog.   We have guest posters who are going to help me keep it going!  I’ve actually got a couple of posts ready to go from two different people this week.  So… for now.. we’re staying alive. 🙂

I also have a question.  How would you feel about blog posts from a 50s style dad?  We’ve got one of those ready to go as well!  Lots of variety on deck.


See you very soon!

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  1. By Debbi Wellenstein on

    I would be very interested to hear from a male point of view.

  2. By Lindsey Powell on

    Glad you’re sticking around! I was so sad that I found you just as you were leaving!

  3. By Jaguarangel on

    The dad posts wouldn’t help me but maybe some 50s style dads. Maybe he could post on your husband’s old blog? That way any interested men would have their own home. Glad to see there will be someone to keep this blog alive with your guest posters!


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