February 1

Do You Have Any Idea How Much Money You can Earn by Helping Feed kids?

“Do you have any idea how much money you can bring into your home by helping to feed malnourished kids?” Being a nurturer by nature, I was immediately drawn in by that question and wanted to know more.   Little did I know at the time what was to follow, and had I known I might have been a bit frightened.  

Frightened.  Frightened by the degree of my wanting to help.  Frightened by the enormity of just how much I  could contribute.  Frightened by the seeming ease in my ability to contribute something real both to the children of our world and to our family’s purse!  I had no idea that something could sweep into my life and consume me so quickly, and with my absolute submission to it.  It was as if I had been called, and I heard it, and I followed blindly into a world that was designed for me and had been waiting for me all along.

They call it the Hope Movement, and it’s become the hub around which my life flows.  Mr. C and I entered into this new movement tentatively but have since embraced it with reckless abandon.  Let me tell you what it is and how it could be just the thing you’ve been looking for too (even if you didn’t realize you were looking!)

Hope.  It’s what so many need.  People who are lonely.  People who are sick.  People who are exhausted.  People who are broke.  Or broken.   And it’s those people who we help.  In some ways it reminds me of good, old-fashioned neighborly good will.   It’s what we lost long ago.  And bringing it back is the beginning of Social business 3.0

What’s that?  It’s a Win-Win-Win scenario that is going to change the world.   Here’s how it works.  Essentially whatever pocket of spare time you decide to dedicate to the cause revolves around helping people who are sick, fat, and tired.  For many who have given up hope, we provide real solutions.   Then we use the profit from that to help feed malnourished kids. But here’s the best part.  You are then compensated well for your efforts.   For some, it’s the answer they’ve been waiting for. I know it has been for me.

Do something positive and uplifting.  Give it my effort when and where I want.  Add a good flow of income to our family’s purse.

Sound interesting?  Want more info on how you might do the same for your family?  Send me an email.  We are in need of more Hope Movers.  We’d love to have you join us.    HereComesHope@icloud.com.  Put “INFO” in the subject line and I’ll send you info asap!

Is it time for you to Champion a cause?  Give your life meaning and purpose?  Email me today.

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    I regularly read your blog and have kept up with your facebook page. I saw what you posted about your lists not appearing and needing a site with more bandwidth.

    Have you considered tumblr? It’s a blog website that’s pretty versatile. I’ve also heard pretty good things regarding Blogger. Both are free and user friendly!


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