My Gray Hair Transition is Complete, and I love it!

OK.  So here it is.  My gray hair transition is complete, and i love it!  All in all it wasn’t so bad.  I DID end up cutting it super short, which I hated more than words can describe, but it grew quickly.     It’ll take another year to get all the length back, and in the meantime I am still living with a less than ideal cut, but I’ll share photos from December so you can see the amazing colors.

I. LOVE.  It.     Love.   Not like.  Not tolerate.  LOVE.

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I love that I don’t live with a constant rash and scalp scabs from allergic reaction to hair dye.  I love the money I’ve saved.  I love how my natural color looks so much nicer with my skin tones.  I love everything about my silvers.  Everything.

So ladies, if you feel like it’s time to make the jump, I recommend you do!   Yes, the first 5 months are tough.  Not going to lie.  But the end result is worth it!


  1. You look great. I let mine go natural 2 years ago, it’s so much easier and healthy. I am a natural redhead so my transition took me to a pale strawberry blonde. I was really hoping for white like my father but oh well. I just don’t like people calling me a blonde. I miss my colored red hair everyday. Have you updated your wardrobe colors? I have noticed many people do that when they go silver.

  2. It is lovely! I started turning grey at 19 and I never thought of coloring it because I was so young and I really didn’t like the idea of being exposed to all those chemicals for long term. So, for the most part, I have been in some stage of grey since before I even got married. I have talked to beauticians about coloring it and they literally beg me not to — they say people pay good money for my hair (I don’t personally know any but….) so I say good work! It is lovely and I think you will be happier in the long run.

  3. I have been gray and back several times…took me awhile to really love it, I do now, though I also every so often put a fun semi perm color like purple in it so my white streaks look lavender for a few months, but I do it once and let it fade, it’s fun and out of the box for me so a bit liberating too. Yours came in beautiful!!

  4. You are my hero. Been coloring or,highlighting for years. Realized….not,really in line,with who I am.,so no more,color. Hair is,brown naturally….I,just made it a better. Now…. An not wait to see every grey hair I earned. Thank you. Holly S

  5. It really suits some women and your one of them. At this point, my gray is more salt and pepper rather than the lovely silver like yours, so I think my love affair with L’Oreal will continue. 😊

  6. Your hair is wonderfull! I have grey hair too, since five or six years, but I’m only 35 years old! So I coloring my hair. In ten or fifteen years I want to stop coloring. But by now my husband likes my coloring hair, he don’t want that I seem older than he (he is 40). I think that a woman in hers fiftys and older look more beautiful with her natural grey hair. My mother said the opposite. Perhaps a woman is more beautiful when she feel happy with her hair, grey or coloring.

  7. I started doing this a year ago too. My hair is naturally dark dark brown and the dy matched my natural color PERFECT. so as it has grown out the only thing you notice is the “chrome” lol silver hairl.. but mine is not solid. I was so afraid of the skunk look that I stopped dying all but the part.. (where I parted it) then when the rest grew out for a few months I simply moved the part over just enough so the already longer growing grays were now my new part. so I never had an actual skunk stripe. so the back I haven’t dyed in years the top and sides have been well over 6 months.for all of it. IM SO GLAD I DID

  8. Love your hair!!! omg it looks fantastic. I’ve got a few silver sparkles on top of my head, but I just don’t know if I have enough gray to stop dyeing it. I’m going to wait a few months and see what happens. My hair is about shoulder length and I’m hoping not to cut it. I had a shorter cut a few years ago and my hubby was not a fan. Which I thought was kind of silly because I find so many women so cute with short styles. I think its his generation where they grew up in the 70’s and women having long hair.

  9. Your hair is truly stunning and you appear poised and “well in your skin.” Although it’s entirely individual, and some silvers do revert to dying, allowing people to age naturally shows greater confidence and honesty. Indeed Mother Nature may know what looks best and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Patience has its rewards but do be prepared for a lengthy transition.

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