January 30

Cleaning Checklist for January 31- February 6

Good Morning ladies and gents!

Here is your cleaning checklist for January 31 – February 6 th.  It does include the “extras” that you should get to this week if you have the time.  If you don’t have time, please don’t stress about it too much.   You are a busy person.  Do what you can with as much joy in your heart as you can.   Attitude is everything!

One additional tip!  When you clean your washing machine this week, also wipe down the top of the dryer.  After top surface of dryer is fully dried, apply a sheet or two of plastic wrap across the entire top surface to protect dryer from soap/softener spills and splatter and from the rusting and paint damage that can occur from those spills. Change this plastic wrap as needed, or at least once every 3 weeks.

As always, click on the boxes to enlarge or use the pdf below.   Happy cleaning!

Cleaning Checklist January 31-February 6 Cleaning checklist January 31-February 6 (2)

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.22.51 AM

PDF Version:  To do 1:31-2:6

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  1. By Sharon on

    Yes pls step by step on how to clean a washing machine would b super thx

  2. By Lizette on

    I appreciate these checklists and tips very much. I am new to “being home” and love all of your ideas. Tips on cleaning washing machine…yes please. =)

  3. By Peta on

    Oh i just came across your blog and i loooove it! I’m a mum to 3 kids 5 and under, and i really love the fifties fashion and home life! My 5 year old just started prep (preschool in america) so I have a bit more extra time to do a few more things around the house, and I’d really love to keep to this schedule! I love a tidy clutter free house, and also a simplistic living home! Can’t wait to read more posts now 🙂

  4. By AprilDanette on

    I can’t thank you enough for the cleaning schedule, my mother has always kept a spotless house but I was mystified as to how since she is a working woman and apparently did the bulk of the housework after she sent us off to bed as kids. I married 23 years ago and have been completely incapable of keeping up with the house, despite being a housewife. I learned from Martha Stewart the “how” for many things and now you are teaching me the “when” – which has got to be at least 75% of the battle! I can’t say I have conquered the list even one day yet (8 days in) but now I know when I will be getting back to the tasks I couldn’t complete, and know it will be easier than the last time. For the first time in over two decades I know what I will be doing when I wake up every day….hip hooray!

    1. By The50sHousewife (Post author) on

      Just do what you can. After a month of rotation it is much easier because everything’s pretty well “done” all the time.

  5. By Christina on

    Just found this site and am really enjoying the list! Will continue to come back each week for my schedule 🙂 Thank you!


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