Middle of Life Growth Spurt

Mr. C and I are getting older.  We’ve hit mid life, and we have been doing a lot of reflecting.  We’ve had friends our age having heart attacks.  Some died.  Lots of divorces.  Lots of breast cancer and hysterectomies.  Evidence of the wheel turning surrounds us.  In our own home there have been changes too.  Our kids are grown and moved on their own.   Our lives have turned more inward now that there aren’t so many demands for caring for others.   And as a result we’ve had a bit of a middle of life growth spurt.   The best part of it is that we have grown together rather than apart.

As you know, I had a surgery in September that left me stuck on the couch for many weeks.   That gave me plenty of time to think of and plan out the next ten years of my life.   Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  Who do I want to be?   I have freedoms to move around now unlike ever before in my life.  What do I want to do with it?  Well my answers surprised me.  My entire life has been a series of overachievement missions.   I’ve always gone big–the Capricorn in me.  This time I’m actually thinking the opposite.  It turns out that I prefer being quiet and close to home.  And I’ve decided that what would bring me and Mr. C the greatest happiness and peace is to scale back to the things that give us the most pleasure.   For me, those things include gardening, reading, travel, friends, family, knitting, cooking and of course, my art and art business.  It also includes my spirituality–an equal mix of Christian/Native American spirituality/Earth religions, which by its nature involves lots of time devoted to worship and ceremony.

You will note that the list above does not include this blog.  Will I stop blogging?  No.  But what I won’t be doing is a weekly cleaning list.   I don’t know when it happened that this blog became a cleaning blog, but that was never its intent.   Fly Lady does that too well for me to be needed there.  🙂   This blog is about family and getting back to basics.  It’s about going back to how things were before Facebook and cell phones and corporate ladder marches.  So that’s where I’m taking it back to.   Yes.  If we see a good cleaning tip, we’ll share it, of course.  Just as we hope to share things like canning and knitting and family celebration ideas.

My goal over the next five years is to turn my home and property into more of a homestead than a “yard”.  That means lots of work and less time to be here, but it also means that when I am here I hope to share things of quality that will add to your life in meaningful ways.    Mr. C and I also plan to expand our art business so that we can have more opportunities to serve others outside of our home.  We do lots of fundraisers but we want to do more hands on projects– arts and crafts days at shelters or with the elderly, for example.  We’ll share some of those experiences too.

So here’s the deal.  If you don’t see me posting very often, it’s just because we are busy living the life we plan to write about.  Sit tight.  We’ll be back here and there with a tidbit or two worth sharing.  I still plan to post that knitted slipper pattern that my grandmother taught me very soon, just as soon as I start the next pair so that I can take photos as I go along from the start.  Watch for those.  Until then …

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November 2, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Thank you so much for all that you share. I truly appreciate it. You have to take care of and do the things that bring peace and happiness to your home and family. My hubby and I have reached midlife as well and we are enjoying it. Much love to you and Mr C. Have a blessed week, and I look forward to whenever you can share a blog of what is going on in your lives. Blessings! 🙂



November 2, 2015 at 5:55 pm

Dear Holly, I haven’t had the time to read all of your posts lately, so this is the first time I hear about your surgery. I hope you are fully recoverd and well now.

First of all this post was very recognizable to me as I am always searching for the most fullfilling way to live and being enchanted or confused by so many possibilities as well as limitations during the proces of making choices. Besides that I’m a capricorn as well 🙂 (January the 20th)

But something strange happened while reading this post. Apparently I had clicked at a random link or button and I ended up at your post from september the 18th of 2014 “the middle way” and to me the resemblance was striking. In both posts you were reflecting on the way you aproach life: in extremes and acting in one way or the other (opposites) and in search off some peace and quiet (if I’m correct). This raised a few interesting questions for me to think about and maybe for you as well.

“Do we have to choose?” or, “Is it possible to accept to be capricious, like a capricorn should…” 🙂

I wish you all the best and I shall be patiently awaiting your next post!

As Always: Love from Holland!



November 2, 2015 at 7:32 pm

I am reading about your mid life changes and wonder what age is mid life? I am 77 and continue to evaluate my life etc. This fall I had all my trees and flowers cut down.why? Because ea time I went out to sit on the porch I saw numberous things needing to be trimmed,cut,repotted,reset, etc. THEN my adopted son age 18,his friends,my neighbors all complained. Who knew that all these people had enjoyed my yard?? I have had to cut back on feeding the birds and now just throw feed out on the driveway.They donot seem to mind. I am buying more food that my son can fix and not so much from scratch. I am using the motorized chair at walmart to shop in.I broke my leg in 3 places in May while out weeding the flowers.
I am finding it hard t find a site about 77 yr old seniors an how they cope. So keep it coming. thanks


Marge Hess

December 9, 2015 at 11:54 am

I wandered in from Pinterest, and am in the exact same season of life that you are. It will be wonderful to see what we all learn together!


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