Housewives, DD wives, Cross-dressers and Christians

Our regular readers may not know this, but followers of this blog come from all over the globe (currently over 150 countries!) and from many different backgrounds.   We have your standard, traditional housewives, Pagans, Christians, Domestic Discipline couples, cross-dressers and transvestites.  We have Jewish wives, Hindus, Agoraphobics, and those who are heavily tattooed and pierced. Just to name a few. We have a beautifully dynamic community, and I truly love and appreciate each and every one.  I love hearing from all. I love hearing about your different points of view.

So why do we exclude feminists?  Since we started this blog over a year ago, I have always gotten a sick feeling in my stomach when I write an “us against them” article.  It’s truly not my style, but I was at a loss for how to present my thoughts without using that type of tone.   Well, no more.

From this point forward this is no longer an “us against them” blog.  It’s an “us support us” blog.   We are still about stay-at-home moms, but there is a little something here for everyone.   I’ll figure out how to present it in a manner that doesn’t foster hate.

To my feminist friends, this doesn’t mean I’m going to support everything the feminist movement has done to life as I loved it.  It does mean I am going to practice tolerance and I will support your right to choose how you want to live your life, just as I ask you to support my right to choose.

So I’m calling it.  Truce.

And peace.


  1. Beautifully said Holly!

    In my opinion the definition of feminism has aged and we should interpret it as “The right for woman to be who they choose to be” and society as well as the government should support this at least when it involves options concerning work, study and children (and if it does no harm of course). And as far as I’m concerned this goes for man too.That’s equality based on diversity:


    Love from Holland!

  2. I agree completely with you Holly. Tolerance is the key. I know for myself I don’t hold anything against anyone. Their believe is theirs. I have my belief too. I choose to live the 50’s Housewife way. I just hope they can accept that.


  3. Jewish Domestic Discipline submissive Feminist with lots of tattoos and 4 pets (no kids yet) who struggles with Agoraphobia reporting! Your blog is actually a part of my required daily “Personal Development” goals. 😀

  4. Holly…Hope you’re feeling better. The more I adapt to my 50”s housewife routine the more I’m enjoying it. Again, I’m not a wife or a woman but I’ve always enjoyed cross dressing. This is very rewarding when I can live in my chosen style on the weekends. My little place has become a much warmer and feminine place. I’ve begun rearranging things and adding a few cute things in other places too. It’s just my state of mind when I’m dressed for the part.. I’m so happy to be a part of your group. Thank you for accepting me as one of the girls. Janet

  5. I’ve had the best weekend. I didn’t plan anything this weekend so I could devote the entire weekend developing my 50’s Housewife routine. I wore my red nail polish the entire weekend and it still looks great even after doing chores. I did touch them up once so they would look proper for the lady of the house. It made everything a lot more fun when I see my pretty nails. It wouldn’t take much to make a real nail polish girl out of me. I hope all of you girls out there have a wonderful week.



      • Holly…Yes, I only dress at home. I’m learning to enjoy my female side for now. Your Blog has helped my find myself, a Budding 50’s Housewife. I’m a very solitary person, which I enjoy, so my dressing time is on the weekends when I can spend as much time as I can to enjoy it. Friday night is my prep night. I shave my legs and do my nails so when I awaken on Saturday I can concentrate on my makeup and dressing for the weekend. Because of my work Sunday night it all has to come off, which is harder to do each time. I must say I really enjoy doing my nails red like the classy women from some of my Fav oldie movies. I’ve always admired women with beautiful nails and now I can appreciate it from their side.

        Thank you for accepting me into your group. I heard someone say “People will come and go in your life but Girlfriends are forever”. I’m hoping to develop some here.


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