May 5

A Modern Day Kitchen Re-do

Our Spring cleaning continues, and as promised, I did indeed give my kitchen an update.   It needed it.  It wasn’t looking as organized and homey as I like, so here are the changes that I made for a total cost of less than $80.  Time invested: 3 days.

First, the before shots.  You will note a ton of clutter had collected, and there’s an overwhelming feeling of untidiness and lack of coziness.
IMG_1161 IMG_1166 IMG_1159 IMG_1164 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1165

And the after photos:   Cleaned.  Condensed.  Streamlined.  And Cozy too!  All I did was clean then hand-paint the backsplash (Tutorial coming for that.  Anyone can do it!), painted the walls, moved a storage hutch into this room, changed some wall art (taken from another room), and added some flowers.  Viola.

I’m still debating on painting that kitchen set.  And I still have to make new seat cushions.  I’m undecided on denim or using old cable knit sweaters for that.  I love texture.  In any event, if I paint it, I may even do a fabric decoupage top to the table.  I’ll be sure to blog it.

IMG_1174 IMG_1178 IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1172  IMG_1175 IMG_1179


IMG_1168 Tutorial on how to create your own hand-painted tile backsplash coming up later this week.  Watch for it!

Next, on to the living room!  I’m thinking sage walls in there to blend with the cool blues of the kitchen and aqua of the half bath on this floor . . .

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  1. By Lauren on

    Your hard work paid off! Looks beautiful! Enjoy the tranquility.

  2. By Dale Duckworth on

    I’m still looking for the clutter in the first set of pictures!


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