His softer side.

His Softer Side

I love him, and I will follow him anywhere.His Softer Side  Still.

It’s almost 28 years married for us. From our beginnings as hormone-driven kids to responsible parents to mid-life grand parenting, we’ve done it all together.  But it is he who awes me.  He who grew from an insecure boy into a courageous leader.

Note I didn’t say fearless.   Fears he has.  What makes him courageous, to me, is that he is not afraid to be afraid.   I’ve yet to see an obstacle he has not confronted and conquered.  I’ve yet to see him shrink back when faced with a challenge.  And Lord help anyone who dares to threaten his family!  (You’d better carry a few big sticks!)

But he’s so much more than his manliness.  He’s so much more than his tough exterior.   In fact, it is his willingness to find balance–to be both fierce and vulnerable, strong and gentle– that makes him a great man and a leader that I will unquestioningly follow to my grave.

I talk about him often as his domineering side.   But today I wanted to post a tiny glimpse of the big ol’ softy that he is.  His softer side.  The mush beneath the hardened surface.  Outsiders would swear he doesn’t have a softer side.  Ask the guys at work!  But he does.

I debated what to say, and then I realized that maybe just a few photos is all I need.  They really do say it all.     So in addition to the photo of him above with his gram, here he is.  Mr. C. in all his softer shades of manly glory.   (My favorite is the tea party with our grand daughter!)  Enjoy!

His Softer Side His Softer Side  His Softer SideHis Softer Side  His Softer Side  His Softer Side His Softer Side His Softer Side1918965_1274359492286_4808674_n

::::sigh::::: I love that man, both his tough and his sweeter sides.  I think I’ll keep him for at least another 30 years.

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  1. What a handsome man! Such love is obvious in all the pics! I love the Home Depot one. My love does the same with our son. It’s such a great moment for them. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your happiness

  2. Such a great collection of photos..and I love what you wrote too. I think most woman would describe what you wrote as the characteristics of their dream man..wether they had him or not. You’re both lucky to have what you have..its not easy to find..or grow. What a wonderful example you have lived for you children and grandchildren..and friends too.

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