Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom

It’s time for a Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom edition. One of the many responsibilities of a housewife is to create a pleasing home atmosphere, and being an artist, it’s one chore that I wholeheartedly welcome. And after living in our newly built home for a few years, I had grown tired of the “builders white” on the walls. 161196-325x213-1950s-kitchen-designIt was time for some color.   So I began researching color schemes of the 1950s and immediately fell in love with the turquoise, aqua, and reds of that era. The first room to be painted was our dining room in a beautiful robust red.   The kitchen attaches to the dining room.  It will be aqua and red.   And our half bath on the first floor attaches to he kitchen.  So I wanted to paint that room in the beautiful turquoise tones.   But here’s the thing.   I wanted to capture the joyfulness and cheerfulness of the 50’s decorating without necessarily creating a period room.   My husband doesn’t mind an occasional vintage piece in the decorating scheme, but he’s not terribly fond of whole room recreations.  I wanted to utilize that color scheme but create something more modern and whimsical.  Check out my Modern Day makeover below.   What do you think? BEFORE–blah blah blah 395451_337410919636779_1443918058_n 409010_337411356303402_1972387294_n 401349_337411029636768_196428662_n and … AFTER 423608_337411789636692_108228422_n  417670_337522686292269_18371777_n  336576_337417712969433_384503655_oIMG_9426    419488_337411832970021_1568594218_n 426806_337523479625523_2034336648_n IMG_9423 402654_337411939636677_1165873466_n  399779_337411716303366_1189056160_n 423331_337411429636728_473132540_n IMG_9422 I just love this little vintage bird picture.  Don’t you? SaveSave


  1. I love your bathroom remodel! I especially like your border around the room. It’s very charming. We’re going to be redoing my very tiny bathroom this spring and I may incorporate something like it in my new remodel. I really like the clock you have hanging in the corner, also!

  2. I have just found your blog and I greatly enjoyed reading your previous posts. I feel that a change is needed in our home. After having my two children I have put on weight and frequently feel like I am not keeping up. I teach Kindergarten from 7:30 till 3:30 and my husband gets home from work around 5:30. I will find a way to use this time to make the house a pleasing place to come home to instead of craziness and children screaming. They are most likely screaming and crying because I am stressed and don’t have the time needed to care for them and clean. I love the idea of getting up early to send my husband on his way pleasantly instead of yelling goodbye from the bed as he goes out the door. He used to kiss me goodbye and now just says, “see you tonight!” We have been married six years and have a 3 year old and a 19 month old. We love each other but I don’t feel like we interact as much as we used to. He does his thing or watches tv and I care for the kids and do my thing. We live separately in the same house. I don’t mean to burden you with my life or to make things sound like they are horrible. Overall we are a very fortunate family and I work because I enjoy teaching, not because I have to do so to support our home. Please continue to blog and share your wisdom. You are an inspiration to women everywhere!

  3. That is, very simply put, the most beautiful bathroom design I have ever seen. I am SO in love with the colors, set up, theme, everything about it. Good gosh.

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