Goose eggs or Golden Eggs?

I was explaining to my husband that I’d found the perfect analogy for our relationship.   Many people have difficulty understanding the dynamic of our marriage, but the story of the Goose that lays the golden eggs is perfect.  Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 5.26.29 PMLet me explain.

Assume that my husband is the farmer and I am the goose.   The farmer owns the goose (yes I know how well that’s going to go over with some of you.)  And it is his job to take good care of her so that she will lay eggs for him.  So he feeds her, provides shelter for her, and keeps her from getting into mischief.  He protects her from foxes and other dangers.  And he grows to love her very much.  He would never ever consider doing her harm or eating her for Christmas dinner.

Likewise, the goose loves her farmer.  She knows that he  does all he can to make a comfortable life for her.   He feeds her so well that she’s fattening up.   Her plumage is soft and beautiful. He has given her the best of homes. He keeps her warm and safe.

So one day, she is so happy that she decides to lay a golden egg for him.  And then another, and another and another.   She gets great joy in doing this for him, even though she has no use for golden eggs herself.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as she can bring him the same joy he brings her.  And oh boy is he happy!

This is not unlike my marriage at all.   My husband cares for me, protects me, provides for me, and treats me with incredible loving care.   When I get myself into trouble, he guides me back to safety.  When I’m a silly goose, he laughs with me.  When I’m a naughty goose, he scolds me. But all the time, he loves me.

So in return for his care, I give him golden eggs.  I take care of his home.  I cook his favorite meals. I clean and decorate his castle.  I do his laundry.  I do my best to bring in supplemental income, which then becomes his to use for our home.  I keep myself looking pretty and feminine.  I keep myself as valuable to him as that goose is to her farmer.

It isn’t something I am forced to do.  It’s something I love to do.

And just like in the story, as long as he doesn’t get greedy or mean, I shall happily continue to produce golden eggs for him forever.

Make sense now?



  1. I am sorry but you scare me. What happens when you put all your eggs in the wrong basket? What happens when your farmer dies and you have no clue of what is going on financially in your home? My grandmother was a housewife yes but she was also an artist, a caterer and ran a farm and working orchard and knew where every penny was spent and this was before the 1950s. Not being rude or knocking your lifestyle – to each his or her own but there is no way in hell I would allow my partner to hide the finances from me or scold me or act like he is my damn father – you have got to be kidding. I thought your blog was cleaning tips and vintage recipes – I had no idea people actually lived like this – yikes

    • Oh bless your heart! You scare me too, dear Deborah! LOL Let’s back up a bit here. What happens if Mr. C dies? He is a good and caring man who adores me. He has provided for me quite nicely in the event of his death, and we’ve even arranged a financial planner to help me should that ever happen. He provides for me in life and death,and by the way, he has never, nor does he ever need to hide money from me. That’s ridiculous. We are not teenagers. We are very secure in our life and our marriage. Neither of us feels the need to do those types of childish things. And for your information, I have free access to every account. I just don’t feel the need to go there. I trust him to handle it, and he does a mighty fine job of it.

      Deb, you say you aren’t trying to be rude or knock my lifestyle, yet your entire post does just that. You speak like you think I have no brain, no thoughts of my own, no hobbies or interests. I assure you that I do, outside of this blog that is read in over 150 countries, as one. (I’d like to think a brain made that happen.) And most stay-at-home wives do too. We also volunteer and give an awful lot back to the community. For example, I do paint lessons with chemo patients on Tuesdays. I am not imprisoned. I’m actually quite free to pursue anything that I want to pursue. My lifestyle gives me that freedom.

      Now…about you. I worry for you. I worry that you are so afraid to be vulnerable that you will miss out on the intensely close relationship that awaits you if you just allow your guard down once in a while. I worry that you will be so busy covering all of your “what ifs” that you never get to experience the freedom that comes with allowing someone else to handle some of life’s challenges for you. Will you ever allow anyone else to hold you up? If you don’t, how will you have the strength left to do the same for them when they need it? How will you ever know a love that runs so deep within your bones if you won’t allow anyone in there?

      Anyway… we’ll have to agree to disagree and continue to scare each other I guess. I wish you well. I poked around your blog page. Nice work!

  2. If you are happy in this lifestyle and marriage then it is fine for you. For others it might not be right for them. If you do not feel abused or like a prisoner then you are not and doing nothing wrong. I however have had abusive controlling husband in past and i do not live by these rules anymore. I gained my freedom and i like it the way it is. I do like the idea of dressing up because it makes me feel better. My boyfriend likes it to but i do it for myself not just for him. I do like to keep the house clean for him since he does work and bring home the money for us to be able to live the way we do. I came to your site for ideas and living the 50’s way i like your blog and although we may not share the same ideas of housewife or homemaker i still find it helpful.

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