Throw Away Your Scale to Save Your Marriage!

Throw Away Your Scale to Save Your Marriage!


Today we talk about why you need to throw away your scale to save your marriage.  How often do we see it?  A bride (or groom!) frantically exercising in order to look amazing on the wedding day.  And then the day comes and goes, and also goes the diet and exercise plan.  Post-marriage weight gain is a popular target for comedians for a reason.  It happens.  All.The.Time.

Sadly, it’s that very weight gain that puts a strain on relationships.

Many will deny it.  Some will tell me how awful I am for saying such a thing, but it doesn’t change the fact that couples are attracted to each other, they marry, and then post-marriage weight gain can cause that attraction to diminish.  For some it can be such a problem that it causes the end of a marriage all together.

So why am I telling you to throw your scale away?  Because it’s part of the problem.   What happens when we get busy with marriage and life and buying the house.  Maybe moving to a whole new area.   Suddenly you step on the scale and it’s up five pounds.   Stress has taken it’s toll.  You gasp.  You are horrified.  You go to work, sulking.  Someone asks what’s wrong and you tell them you’ve gained five pounds!  And they placate you.   It’s just five pounds, they say.  Get over it.

So you do.

A year later you’ve had your first baby.  You step on the scale.  It’s up fifteen pounds.   You’re mortified.   But everyone reminds you that you just grew a human.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.   Besides, you’re too tired to care.   So the days go by and you buy a bigger pair of jeans, and life goes on.   Until a year later, when it’s up another five.  And so on and so on.  I know.  I’ve lived it.  And I’ve watched the same happen to my husband.   And I can tell you that we’ve been honest about this to each other.

We weren’t attracted to each other anymore.  Not like we used to be.  Sure, we still had sex, but it was in the dark and not nearly as passionate as it had once been.

Had someone told me to throw my scale away twenty five years ago, I’d not be writing this.  But they didn’t.  So I will.   For your relationship’s sake, go right now.  Throw it away.   And from now on, judge your weight by how your clothes fit, but with a few stipulations.

First, you must continue to wear jeans.  You may not switch to sweat pants or yoga pants or spandex.   You must wear your jeans (or jean shorts) at least once per week.

Second, you must never buy bigger jeans.  Post maternity excepted… you may have a transitional pair of jeans for that, but they should be those God awful ugly ones with the elastic waist so that you can’t wait to get rid of them. And medication-induced weight gain, of course, is out of our control.  Otherwise, never ever.  Ever.

Had we all lived by this creed, we’d still all be within 10 pounds of our high school weight.

Would we not?   Nothing would have ever gotten out of control.  We’d be feeling fabulous because we would have made minor adjustments as we went along in order to continue to fit into our clothes, instead of needing a major overhaul later.   And I can promise you that your spouse would still be passionate about your body.

Is it too late? No.  Never.  Just throw it away now and start making adjustments until the pair you are wearing is too big.   Then buy the next size down and repeat until you are back to your healthy weight.

And never be plagued by a number again.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a truer statement. This was me, too.. Up to a few years ago. If I only knew then what I know now.,,

  2. The jeans at least once a week is genius! I have been using all kinds of brands and sizes to the point I stopped worrying about the size I got as long as I didn’t sport a muffin top… and guess what?… yup, I’ve gained weight, I will just go out there and buy a good old fashioned pair of non-stretchy jeans, thank you for your advice… and sorry that I keep replying to old post but I just found this place today and I am catching up.

  3. I love this post! It is so true. I have often lost extra weight just by using “the zipper test”, ie does the zipper go up and stay there!

  4. We should definitely care about looking our best for our spouse. I have had eight children. Now at ten months post partum I’m within 15 pounds of wedding day weight. But it wasn’t always so. Thyroid problems, vitamin deficiency, *eight* pregnancies… My husband was very supportive through fixing those things. But i say, if my man was attracted to me enough to have eight kids, I think he might love me.

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