Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature.

Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature

Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature .  After World War II, there was an imbalance in the male/female population ratio that left single women fearing for their futures.   Good Housekeeping magazine warned that 1 in 7 of them would be forced to live alone her entire life.   And  women’s magazines began flooding the newsstands with advice about how a girl could reinvent herself to attract a husband. Coronet Magazine (1953), quotes:

The smart woman will keep herself feminine. It is her duty to herself to be desirable at all times to the opposite sex.

And what followed was a period of time where, in my opinion, women exhibited some of the most amazingly beautiful, sexy, and feminine fashions and appearances of all time.

Femininity has an enormous appeal to men.  It is in stark contrast to the big, strong, masculine nature they try to project.   Standing beside a soft, sweet, delicate-looking woman only makes their masculinity more apparent.   So, if they love it so much, why would women want to only play up their feminine nature when seeking a mate?  Why would we not wish to please our mates long after our wedding day has past?

A few days ago I talked about how throwing away our scales could ultimately save our marriages.   In the scale of importance,  if maintaining our proper weight would be considered  “important”, embracing our femininity would be considered “non-negotiable”.    Here’s why.

First, when we take care to accentuate the differences between our feminine self and our manly husband, two things happen.  First, we feel beautiful.   Let me ask you how many times a day you feel beautiful when wearing your stained yoga pants and frumpy t-shirt?  Not many, right?   How often do you feel beautiful when you wear a pretty, feminine top; fix your hair, throw on some make up and a pretty pair of earrings?   Much better, right?  And when you feel pretty, how do you act?  And when you act more confident and desirable, how does your husband act?  Right.  That brings us to number 2.   When we accentuate the difference between our feminine self and our husbands masculine self, this causes him to feel more manly and that is one of the best feelings a man can feel.  And you do that to him.   And he knows it.  You make him feel like more of a man when he’s with you.

You make him want to take care of you.   You make him want to do things for you because, surely, you are too delicate to do them for yourself.  You make him want to be your man.

So how do we maintain this standard on a day-to-day basis?   No, you don’t have to look like Marilyn Monroe or a fashion model every day.  And you don’t have to be uncomfortable.   If you follow some basic rules of fashion and appearance, it should become effortless.

Rule #1, think like a man.   Men would never wear anything fluffy, lacy, flowery, ornate, brightly colored (usually), or delicate.   Therefore, those are the things you would wear.    Think like a man then do the opposite.  Your job is to put as much distance between men’s and women’s fashions as possible.

When you shop– think “Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature” and do these things:

  1. Avoid heavy, manly materials like men’s suit materials, rough or hard finished woolens or denim (except for a great pair of fitting jeans).   Think: soft cottons, silk, cashmere, soft woolens, floral prints, polka dots, animal prints, chiffon, lace, velvet, satin, faux fur, angora, and organdie.   When you hold up a garment, if it looks like something a man might wear, put it back on the rack.
  2. Colors.  Choose pastels, soft colors, and bright colors.   Reserve black, grey, brown, and charcoals for accent pieces.  Never do entire outfits in black except for a little black dress and pair that with a brightly colored or printed sweater or jacket.    The other exception to this rule is an outfit that might be black or drab colored but is in a highly feminine cut or style or has feminine trim to offset the man factor.
  3. Style.  Obviously not every style looks good on every woman.  But.  We can strive to insure that what we are wearing is something a woman would wear but never a man.   Cut offs are a no no.  Buy or sew shorts or capris that are more flattering.   Jeans are okay only if you pair them with a feminine top and shoes.

dungareesTry to include as many skirts and dresses as you can.  Nothing will make you feel more feminine faster.   Look to old photos for inspiration.
Dress for Marriage Success chanel-suit-1950s-fashion   
Dress for Marriage SuccessDon’t, however, sacrifice comfort.  One of the common misconceptions about the 50s housewife is that she always wore uncomfortable pumps.  Not true.  Women were not idiots.   Look at the shoes on this woman.

Dress for Marriage Success
They were pretty, coordinated, and comfortable.   You be comfortable too.  It’s easier to feel more ladylike when we aren’t tempted to lash out at the nearest person because our feet are killing us

             4.  Accessorize.   Jewelry, makeup, scarves, hats, gloves, purses, flowers, ribbons, lace.   Use them.  They’re fun and womanly.  Have fun with them.   I am always pleasantly surprised when I wear a fashionable hat and my husband responds with a smile and a comment such as, “Look at you in your cutsie hat!  I love it.”  And then I catch him smiling and stealing glimpses at me as we are out and about.

Lastly.  5.  Underclothes.   Sometimes mundane undergarments are necessary.  But whenever possible, wear pretty underclothes (but for health reasons, always choose ones with proper white cotton panty liners stitched in.)  Just trust me on this one.  Ditch the granny panties and invest in some pretty, or if you dare, sexy underclothes.  Then watch what happens, both with your attitude and your husband’s.  Oh, and be sure to casually dress and undress in front of him.  (Don’t make it obvious that you are doing so.)

Ahhhh but, fashion is only one part of the equation.  In my next post–Play up your femininity– we will talk about maintaining a feminine manner, which is equally important.    In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter so you don’t miss a thing, and also, check out our other marriage and relationship articles.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I love literally everything about this post! I’m only nineteen, but when I was a kid my parents would always have put the old classics on (mainly films from the 50s, but from the 30s and 40s as well) and I just absolutely adored the gentle and elegant femininity that the leading ladies possessed. And the style is something that stuck with me and is a major influence on how I dress today. I think it’s great to take pride in being feminine!

    Also I just want to say, I think your blog as a whole is wonderful. This is the sort of lifestyle I’m really interested in, but I do find it quite hard to find blogs/sites that discuss it in any sort of depth. So I think it’s fair to say it made my day a little bit when I found yours.

    Anyways I’m going to stop rambling now. Guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for running a fabulous blog, and I look forward to future posts. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post! I am also a housewife/homemaker in my late 20s but I too feel that femininity is important for both spouses. My husband was raised old-fashionedly so he appreciates modest, girly clothes and pays more attention to me when I dress so. Men like the opposite of themselves so skirts and florals and jewelry really can make a difference even when all I want to wear are pajamas or jeans!

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE IT!!! I am starting to incorporate the cleaning schedule of a 50’s housewife on your blog but my only concern is how do I clean and stay comfortable and feminine? I’ve had a frumpy style since I had my son and became a housewife (my son is now 3) and I just can’t seem to find or understand the balance of being feminine while taking care of my home. Thanks in advance for your advice!

      • Totally a struggle here in NYC – so much dirt gets tracked in I’m always doing a pretty thorough cleaning. The problem is it’s a bit of a workout and it’s tough to still feel feminine when my hair is pulled up/back and the dreaded sweat begins… Any advice for this city gal?

  4. I Love this site! I am at heart a 1950’s house wife. I am a housewife and homeschooling mom. I am glad to know there are other women that have a similar heart.

  5. SO glad I found your site! I always say I was born in the wrong era! I consider my relationship a modern 1950’s relationship. I am a take care of my man kinda girl and I get so much flack for it from every other unhappy, drama filled female I know 🙂 Please keep up with posts like this!!

  6. I have been reading your posts about marriage and agree wholeheartedly! I have found myself recently not accepting my wonderful man as he is and am determined to turn that around. I already try to dress feminine and have pretty underclothes and even do the undressing in front of him thing (back to him and slightly turn while undressing to give a peak of a profile) but that part doesn’t seem to be working 🙁 I am a lot more “interested” than he is. He is looking at utube and ebay. ?????

  7. I LOVE THIS POST! I’ve been slowly working on embracing my feminine side. It’s incredible how much your confidence changes. It does wonders for a marriage too. I think women have lost touch with how to “put themselves together”. It isn’t oppressive or sexualizing at all! I wish we could go back to women looking like women and men looking like men and kids looking like kids!

  8. I have a question……..My Husband is older than me by about 10 years. He grew up on a Farm where His Mother worked, dressed like a Man so much of the time. She was in the Fields working with Her Brand new baby just a couple days after He was born? So, He doesn’t seem to be as Attracted to Me when I am dressed like a WOMAN……I still fix Myself Up, because I was taught to be Pretty & Feminine. He only fixes Himself up in a Suit or something like that when going to a Funeral? He will wear usually a decent Shirt & Pants at Home. He only wants to even cut His hair when it gets to where it looks so bad, well You get the idea. I still fix myself up though….My question is, How can I get Him to do Better with His appearance, even just at Home? I give Him lots of compliments when He does. Am I better off just letting Him to HIS THING & Me just KEEP FIXING ME UP? Thank You for listening………

  9. I have always said that I was born in the wrong era. I love your posts! Being a woman is such a gift from God and I love dressing up for my man!

  10. Hi Deb! Well…We can’t change anyone else. Only ourselves. So yes. Let him do his thing. Compliment and make a big deal out of the things you love. Overlook the rest. That’s all we can do!

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