Authentic Living Challenge

Authentic Living Challenge


Authentic Living ChallengeLiving authentically and being true to yourself is really the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family while you are here on earth.  It’s also the most challenging thing you can do.  The world wants to push you and pull you into being what other people want you to be. That’s why I decided it was time for an Authentic living challenge.

These past few weeks, while I have been silent here, have been a time of deep introspection.   I’ve analyzed myself and my life choices to be sure that the path I am on is one that I have chosen and designed for myself.   For the most part, it is.  But there are a few areas where I need to tweak.  There are a few areas I need to cut completely, and there are areas that I need to completely resurrect.

I had to ask myself how I’d gotten off course again.  Yes, I was raised in a world designed by my parents and taught their beliefs, but I’ve addressed those long ago. I rid myself of everything that didn’t fit with my soul already.   No.  It’s not from back then.  It’s this crazy, modern-day, plugged-in world of ours.   We are constantly bombarded with other people’s opinions on Facebook and other social networking sites.

 It’s so easy to get pulled in to other people’s beliefs.   It’s so easy to get off track from what we know to be true for us.   How much of my life am I living because it’s what everyone else is doing?

Thankfully that uneasy feeling in my stomach alerts me to a course deviation. And it’s always, always right.   If I wake up and the idea of getting my day going makes me feel a little irritated or queasy, I’m off course.  If I encounter something during the day that strikes me as outright wrong, yet I say or do nothing to fix it, I’m off course.   If my daily to do list is filled with things that make me question why I am wasting my precious hours of my life, I’m off course.

What about you?

Authentic Living ChallengeHow do you feel when you wake up in the morning?  Are you happy and excited?  Or is it time for you to take a look at your own path?  At your own belief systems and ask where each one came from?

It’s fast and simple.  Make a list of what you know to be true.  Do it quickly.  Don’t over think it.  Let it come from your subconscious.   Then look at each thing on your list and ask is it really what you think?  Are they beliefs that come from a place deep within you, as a mature, clear-thinking adult? Do they resonate with who you are?   Or are they beliefs pushed upon you when you were a child who didn’t know better?   Or, maybe, are they beliefs pushed upon you by popular modern-day opinion–opinions that work for other people and not you?

If they are not working for you, stop living your life in a way that re-enforces them.  You are only hurting yourself.  Stop it.

Only when we all get to a place where we live authentically can we live from a place of non-judgement.  When we are all only concerned with following our own inner guide, we won’t have time or concern to look at what the other guy thinks and believes.  We won’t have an interest in that.   And only then can we have peace.

Today. . .  I wish you peace and happiness.


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