How Cleaning House and Your Weight are Related

How Cleaning House and Your Weight are Related


Your relationship with your husband,  your finances, being a stay-at-home mum or wife (when possible),and your housekeeping abilities all play a part in maintaining a traditional 1950s-style housewife role. We left off a few days ago discussing cleaning house and I promised some helpful checklists.  Before I can get to those, however, there is one more thing we need to talk about.   Self-mastery.  It’s key to all the above but particularly important when we start to discuss routines.  It’s also important to understand how cleaning house and your weight are related.

Self-mastery is a broad subject, and when it comes to the state of your marriage, it’s one of the most important because your husband wants a wife that he can adore and place up on a pedestal. He wants a wife who he considers to be a better person than he is. He wants to know that you are kind, loyal, patient, forgiving, honest, and loving.   He wants to know that if he tries to shake you off of that pedestal by tempting you to do something wrong,  you won’t fall.  You will not lie, cheat, steal. You will not gossip or bad-mouth. You will not share a secret. You will remain unshaken.  You are a woman of good and strong character.

Self-mastery is control over your thoughts, emotions, fears, actions, reactions, impulses, desires, and decisions.

It’s having a strong enough will to carry through on doing what you know is right.  It’s sticking to a healthy-eating or exercise program.  It’s controlling your speech and not using foul language.   It’s keeping confidences entrusted to you.  It’s taking care of others and fulfilling all of your responsibilities.  It’s refusing to take part in gossip.  It’s being the type of person that you want others to be, or at least striving to achieve that ideal.

Easy? No.  Anyone whose ever tried to stick to a restrictive diet can tell you that it’s not easy.  Temptation is everywhere.   But it is possible to improve on our current level of mastery, and that should be your constant goal throughout life.

cleaning house and weight

We will discuss all the factors (and virtues) that contribute to being a woman your husband can adore throughout the coming weeks, but I put this blog post here because working on your self-mastery should come first as it directly affects all the other factors.   A good place to begin working on mastering yourself and your thoughts is with follow through.  And a perfect place to attack following through is with house keeping.

In comparison to some of the other virtues, keeping house requires far less personal sacrifice.  It’s easier to take on.  It’s measurable, and your success will bring you a level of pride and joy that will encourage you to take on the next area of self-mastery (whichever you should choose to work on next.)

So just like I did in my earlier post, I’m going to ask you to think differently.   Change your mindset.   Go into your new house-keeping routine thinking of it as a self-improvement mechanism and not just cleaning house.   Think of it as the launching pad to becoming a virtuous woman.  Think of it as a doable challenge that is paving the way for greater victories, and then prepare yourself for amazing things to come.

Tomorrow we begin.  We’ll discuss basic cleaning, cleaning supplies (which are best anyway?), saving money, short cuts, tips, tricks, and most importantly routines.  Leave a comment if you’re ready for the challenge!  And subscribe to get all of our handy lists emailed to you for free (and lots of other goodies too!)

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  1. It is remarkable how good and how satisfied I felt for the year that I stayed home. I was able to manage my household on a 24 hour basis. That sense of accomplishment now is overshadowed by feeling I’ve lost that control and perfection I’d achieved.

  2. I am so enjoying this blog! It’s a little difficult to navigate with the iPhone but I’ve got you bookmarked so I don’t lose you 🙂

  3. I can’t find the next post. The one about cleaning and checklists. I have created my own checklists but would love to compare and see how they can be improved. 🙂

  4. I hope that this blog is still up and running. I happened upon this while searching for organization tips ☺. I have always been very “old school” in my train of thought (very odd for my 30 years of age haha), but stuggle with how to achieve all these things (running through my head) effectively. So thank you for being able to convey this message in such a caring way.

  5. I am enjoying this blog, too. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 18 and we have been married now going on 28 years in May. I have always been a housewife/stay at home mom to our 3 kids and now back to housewife for the last 5 years. Our kids were in every activity they wanted so while being a stay at home mom I was rarely home =) They are all grown now and moved away. I have struggled trying to “find” myself again thinking I should be out earning a paycheck or filling my days volunteering everywhere so I can say I was out all day. Or maybe offering babysitting to parents that work outside the home. Anything to justify that I am adding to society. I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy being a housewife. Keeping the home tidy and cutting our expenses where I can with my “make it do or do without” attitude =) Please keep this blog going if you are able. There are so many of us out here that believe this is our contribution to society. We are keepers of the home. We are the ones who keep the wolves of the world at bay. I found this blog 2 weeks ago and I will try to leave at least a smiley face in the comments so you know it is being read and appreciated. Thank you, Lori

  6. I just found you blog today. I am a stay at home mom of 2 and feel like I have been surviving instead of thriving!! I am so excited to enter this new chapter!! Thank you for your blog and inspiring me to change!

  7. Is this still an active blog this is my dream I am absolutely obsessed with the 50’s housewife mindset and lifestyle all the way down to the clothes my husband completely supports this of course and this blog is a dream come true for someone like me I’m 32 years old and I felt the same way since I was 15 it comes from watching my mother I did this on talk to text so excuse my lack of punctuation thank you so much for this blog and even if you don’t add to it anymore it’s perfect

  8. Just found your website, and I love it! The daily routine really helped me to get a handle on what exactly women used to do all day. I really appreciate it. We stay at home moms need inspiration and you certainly provide it. Thank you!

  9. I am 14 years old, and I truly believe I should have been alive in the 50’s. If any of my friends happened upon this blog, they would probably be disgusted. But I think this is a wonderful way to live, and being a mom is what I want to do when I grow up. I love your blog quite a lot!

  10. Hello, Im wondering if this is still an active blog! IM have finally found something that may help with me feeling empty. Fingers crossed

  11. I love your blog! Even though much time has passed since the original postings, I am so very inspired and I cannot wait to start my new lifestyle from daily cleaning to reading Dr. Fuhrman’s book. I feel like I am going to (like you said) treat this new encounter as a self-improvement mechanism. I often wondered how my grandmother was so amazing with 4 children and kept an amazingly clean and tidy home, make lovely meals and what lengths she went to, to achieve all of it. Perhaps she did these very things you mention above. It’s August 2017 and this mom of 4 young school age kids from Ontario Canada is excited for a fresh start! Thank-you!

  12. Thank you for having the boldness to speak the truth. The family unit is the strength of any community and the backbone of any nation, for it produces the future and gives sanctuary from a wild world. When places abandoned the sanctity of the family, it begins a downward spiral that is evident in history. Thus usually begins with an abandonment of faith.Thank for encouraging others to stand for the tuth rather than cave in to social pressure.

  13. I am so excited I found this blog! I am hoping it is still active. I currently work full time (a necessity to help support my husband so he could finish his degree program), but he just graduated and has begun applying for jobs. One criteria he is looking for is that his employer would be able to pay him enough money that we can start a family and I can stay home. I am so eager to start this new period of our lives and am trying to implement some of these things now. I am currently working on my meal planning and cleaning schedule, and your blog has been a huge encouragement!

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